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About me

I’m one of the 4SEE founders. I was born in 1971 and worked in portuguese newspapers, namely weekly “Expresso” for whom covered all sorts of fields as political, sports, social and conflict issues, like East Timor crisis and Guinea-Bissau civil war.

In 2000 I joined travel magazine “Volta ao Mundo” as photographer and Picture Editor. During  five years shot features about places like New Zealand, Panama, Mozambique, Brazil, Spain, Dubai, Thailand and Cape Verde.

In April 2005 gave all my attention to newly formed 4SEE agency, where I still help portuguese photojournalism get worldwide recognition.

From 2006 to 2016 worked as the Official Photographer of the President of the Portuguese Republic, Mr. Cavaco Silva, witnessing the History of my country and reporting on The President’s activity.

Since late 2016 until 2021 I followed Mr. Fernando Medina, the Mayor of Lisbon.

I’m a passionate traveller and an artisan home bread lover.

About me